All About Using Coconut Oil For Skin Care

Coconut oil is a popularly known as a healthy edible oil, and also work as hair tonic, massage oil and skin smoothener. In most tropical areas, where coconuts are commonly available, natives would usually spread its oil on their skin, believing it’d protect them from the sun rays and make their skin look and feel better. But is it really that good of a option, and how does it compete with artificial skin products?

In order to understand the positive effects of coconut oil for skin care, we have to take a good look at its composition and the effect its nutrients have on skin health. Check out its composition:

All About Using Coconut Oil For Skin Care

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are the medium chain fatty acids and triglycerides. They help retain the moisture content of the skin, preventing loss of water through the pores of the skin, maintaining its hydration, and also make the skin smooth to the touch. When ingested regularly, the fats are deposited under the skin, keeping it smooth and healthy and giving it an even tone, while also reducing the pores’ appearance.

Lauric, Caprylic and Capric acids

While similar to the saturated fats in nature, these acids contribute to the skin in a different way. They have powerful antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, protecting the skin from infections that could get into open woulds or perhaps enter through the pores. This antimicrobial effect is also present when it’s ingested, as they’re converted t monocaprins and monolaurins in the process of digestion, substances with boost the organism’s immunity system.

They are also very easily broken down, which means they’re readily usable by the organism to provide energy quickly and efficiently, and thus have been linked to weight loss and are often a good idea to get before a workout or physical activity. Losing weight and exercise in general is also a good idea to those looking to improve their skin quality, since doing so allows the skin to be tightly placed around the bones and muscles of the body, reducing folds, stretch marks and excess fat in general.

Vitamin E

Another popular substance for skin care, it is an essential vitamin for repairing the skin and helping it grow, and also really helpful at keeping it smooth and free of cracks. It prevents wrinkling and helps slow the aging of the skin, due to its antioxidant properties.


Coconut oil is very rich in a variety of proteins. These are important to keep the skin rejuvenated and healthy, both on the inside and outside. They contribute for general cellular health, which is essential for repairing tissues such as the skin, as well as a large variety of important activities in the body. A healthy consumption of protein allows for quick healing of any damaged cells on the skin or near it, and less scars when the healing process is complete.

There are many different ways you can use Coconut Oil for skin care that are helpful for your skin and general health. Here are some health products it can effectively replace:

Lip gel

Many people have trouble with the taste of lip gel, or worry that they might accidentally consume the product, since its applied on their mouth. If your cracked lips are a constant source of worry or discomfort, just apply some coconut oil to it. It quickly helps fix and prevent cracks, and if you end up consuming a portion of the amount applied, you’ll just get more benefits.

Skin softener

Those who want to properly care for their skin and keep it healthy tend to use a variety of lotions and scream to make the skin of their face and hands softer. Coconut oil is similarly helpful, and is great at fixing hard or dry skin. Just apply it on your palms and rub them against one another, and then on your face or whichever reason you want softened. It’s also really good for cracked or hardened feet. It won’t make the cracks vanish, but your feet will become softer and heal faster over time.


While coconut oil itself does not work well as an exfoliant, you can use it with sugar and salt or other grainy exfoliants for a great effect. The soothing coconut oil mixes well with most exfoliating materials, helping scrape off dead skin and clean out any substances blocking the pores, without irritating the skin. After exfoliation, your skin should be left with closed pores, soft textures, and and even color.

Shaving cream, foam or gel

Artificial shaving products contain a wide range of toxic, harsh substances that don’t need to be on your skin. While they might make the shaving process easier, they might be damaging your skin on the long run. Fortunately, coconut oil works just as well, and it can be safely applied to all areas, however sensitive they might be. For the best use, do it after you’ve ran your skin under warm water, which will soften your skin and hair and help open up the pores. Not only the oil will give you a close, smooth shave, but it also will save you lots of cash on pricey shaving products that run out quickly.

Makeup Remover

An uncommon but also very effective use of coconut oil is to remove makeup. Since some people worry about using harsh artificial substances and chemicals on delicate areas such as their eyes and face, it’s a very convenient, perfectly natural and safe option that’ll also provide all of its healthy and cosmetic effects after removing the material.


Although it can be used to remove makeup, coconut oil can make for a great highlighter, too. The product is used as base in a variety of natural makeup brands, and the way it reflects light makes your skin shine in a healthy looking way. Apply it over make up preferably on your cheekbones, brow bones and down the center of your nose – it’ll work as a natural highlighter and give you an amazing glow!

Skin Disorder Treatment Products

As reported by many of its users, coconut oil can help with a wide range of skin disorder, such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. According to the most resent scientific research, this is due to its protein content, which helps replacing dying or sick cells, that are a product of such disorders, with newer, fresh and healthy cells. Not only it will battle microbial bodies that cause the problem, they will also help with the visible marks and damage of the skin disorder, treating both the cause and the symptom.

The Best Way To Apply Coconut Oil

If you’ve never applied coconut oil for skin care and saw its health benefits for yourself, you might be wondering how exactly one should go about applying it effectively. Usually, the easiest option is getting yourself a jar with a broad opening. It should be a liquid if you live in a warm place, but can be solid, like a cream, if you’re in a colder climate. Either way, take the coconut oil in your palm, and rub them together and onto your skin at the area you choose. You may also apply it on a piece of cotton and rub it onto the skin.

If you’ve ever applied other natural skin care oils to your skin, you might be used to having to reapply it frequently. This is not the case, and you only need a very small amount of coconut oil to create the shield on your skin and provide the lasting positive effects on your skin health. This is great not only because it will require less work on your part, but also because it ends up being much less expensive than other products on the long run, since you use so little of it.

In fact, the amount of coconut oil you need to apply is so small that applying too much is a very common mistakes that people new to coconut oil make. The skin can only absorb so much oil, and after you reach that amount, it will absorb and create its protective layer – preventing any more oil from getting in. In the end, the excess oil will lay on the outside of your skin, turning it into a shiny, greasy oily mess. It might even end up getting on your clothes, which might damage them permanently – so make sure you don’t apply too much.

Using coconut oil for skin care is recommended for all types of skin, regardless of whether it’s oily or dry, and the product can be found on practically any grocery store anywhere. Considering it is so effective, inexpensive, and has such a wide variety of different uses, it’s a very good idea to have some at your disposal for your skin care needs.

Get some coconut oil today, and see for yourself the wonders it’ll do for you and your skin. Just make sure you get a high quality, virgin coconut oil, otherwise it might have unhealthy chemical residue.

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