The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Makeup Tips

This is the ultimate cheat sheet for makeup tips

Ever wondered how celebrities can get their makeup to look perfect? It’s not luck, they’ve perfected the art of understanding makeup inside and out. There are techniques one can hone and adjust over time to see quality results consistently.

Makeup artists use these tips to maximize their abilities and continue to help clients obtain great results. If you want to do it all on your own, you have to keep this cheat sheet on makeup tips in mind before starting. This cheat sheet is the foundation for the makeup you’re going to be applying.

1) Sweep Bronzer Over Eyelids

The bronzer is an excellent tool to have in your makeup kit. You want to apply this on the eyelids to maximize your look.ultimate makeup tips

What does this technique do?

The reason you want to “sweep” bronzer over your eyelids involves the result.

It is going to make the eyes pop out and make them look bigger as a woman would want. It’s essential to optimize this, so you’re able to keep it balanced. With a little practice, you’re never going to lose emphasis from your eyes as so many women do.

2) Use Two Foundations

The next cheat to remember would be the usage of two foundations. Too many women think one foundation is enough because it gives off an “even” look and that’s true, but you want more than an even look. You want things to be optimized for your skin, and that will come through the application of two different foundations.

Why do you want to use two separate foundations?

You want to create a transition from light to dark, so your face looks contoured. It is the best way to make specific aspects of your face pop (i.e. cheekbones).

Use a light foundation and then transition to dark around the cheekbones.

3) Concealer To Remove Shadows From Lip Color

When you apply a bright color to the lips (i.e. red), you are going to notice shadowing. This occurs when the lip color doesn’t have a frame around it. This is when you’re going to feel like things are loose and not as tight as you want them to be.

The best solution is to use concealer to create a loose frame around the lips. You can then apply the bright color to your lips and not have to worry about leakage.

4) Eye Liner Under Lashes

Want to have thick eyelashes without having to drown your hair in mascara? So many women make this mistake, and there is an easy cheat around this. Most makeup artists use this and feel it is the best way to go for maximum results.

The premise is to take eye liner and dab it underneath the lashes. You will then spread it gently to make sure it is even around the lashes.

The reason you’re doing this is, so the lashes look bigger from the root. It is an excellent visual effect to make the lashes look robust and beautiful.

5) Add Highlighter Above Lip For Bigger Lips

Want to have a better pout? It is not easy to get without having to fake it, and that is never easy. So, what you want to do is take the highlighter and dab a bit above your lips. You are going to do this in a place called “Cupid’s bow” as that is where the results are going to come.

The highlighter is going to not only make the lips bigger but will ensure your pout is perfect.

It is a beautiful way to adjust your pout without faking it.

6) Look At Your Wrists

How do you choose the perfect foundation? You want to look at your wrists as that is the best definer of what your actual color is. When it comes to this cheat sheet on makeup tips, you will want to take this onboard as soon as you can.

The premise of looking at your wrists is to help with getting the absolute perfect foundation color.

So, what do you look for when you are staring at your wrists?

A pinker wrist should focus on cooler tones, while a yellow toned wrist is better with warmer tones. This is an easy guide and one most women can follow to a tee.

7) Moisturize First

Before doing anything, you want to make sure the skin isn’t dry as that is one of the primary reasons you don’t get good results when makeup is applied. Dry skin is awful, and it feels bad, but you are also harming your look as a whole.

You want to moisturize after you wash your face and then start working on it with makeup. It is a simple cheat and one that works well and is a must when you are looking to see results.

8) Apply in Dabs

This is one of the most important techniques a person will learn over time, and it doesn’t matter what you are applying to the face. This is a big part of the cheat sheet on makeup tips. You want to apply in dabs whether it is the foundation, bronzer, or something else.

The goal is to make sure you are keeping things looking natural and balanced. Right when it looks like you have caked on makeup, you have lost the battle.

It has to look authentic and enhance your features rather than replace them entirely. Use dabs.

This is the ultimate cheat sheet on makeup tips and the only thing you are going to need when it comes to making sure the right approach is taken. Yes, makeup is not easy, and many women continue to struggle as time goes on. You don’t have to be one of them as long as you take this cheat sheet and keep it with you as long as you can.

It is going to make sure you end up with great results and look the way you want to rather than being a version you are not happy with.

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