Tips On How To Apply Eyeshadow

There are many people that do not apply makeup simply because they think it is too complicated. Then there are those that imagine they know how to do it, but get it wrong every time. Eyeshadow application is one of the parts of face beauty makeup that if done right can make you look really pretty. On the other hand, and something that happens a lot, the person ends up looking like a clown. In case you have been wondering how the great stars like Kim Kardashian and others always get it so right, here are a few very helpful tips on how to apply eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow 101

The first thing you need to learn about eyeshadow application is that you will need to shop for the right products for the process. There are many brands in the market, and you need to do your research to discover the reliable products. After you have bought the right eyeshadow, you will need to think about the effects each of the products will create on your face. For instance:

  • If you apply light colored shades of eyeshadow, you will be highlighting and emphasizing the shallow areas.
  • When you use darker colors of eyeshadow products, you will be reducing the areas that are full and more prominent.
  • When you are applying eyeshadow, add a little amount of color to your brush at a time. This is because adding more color as you proceed will be simpler than removing it.

When To Apply Eyeshadow

There are people who make mistakes with their eyeshadow because they do not fully understand at what step of facial makeup they should do their eyes. It is recommended that you start with the eyeshadow before you do the rest of the makeup. This way, you will be able to remove any excess makeup that could have flaked onto the area beneath the eyes.

Before you start applying the eyeshadow, you should prepare the area by applying foundation and a little powder. The most common eyeshadow application designs involve the use of two colors, three colors and sometimes, up to four colors. However, you should be careful about using more than four colors because the design ends up looking muddy and unattractive.

How To Use A Brush To Apply Eyeshadow

Many people get problems with eyeshadow application because they do not understand how to use the makeup brushes. To find the perfect area to place the brush, you should sit directly in front of your dresser’s mirror. Look straight into the mirror and find the highest point of your eyebrow. Create an imaginary line between the highest point of the brow and the crease of the eye. Set the brush in the crease. Move inward in a windshield wiper type of motion along the end of the brow bone. When you are blending in the color, avoid going all the way to the corner of the eye unless you have wide set eyes.

The application method you are going to use will depend on the number of colors you are planning to blend into the design. As stated, you should keep it to a maximum of four colors. In case you are not able to handle the application process, it would be smart to allow a professional to do it for you as they know how to apply eyeshadow better.

Tips on How To Apply Eyeshadow That Will Help You Get It Right All The Time

  • If you want natural, sophisticated and classic designs that accentuate the color and shape of your eyes, choose matte powder eyeshadow types in neutral tones such as gray and dark brown.
  • The only part of your eyebrow area that looks good with a shine is the brow bone. Even so, you should stay away from shiny eyeshadow if your skin is less than tout around this area.
  • If you are going to use more than one eyeshadow color and then blend, always make sure that you use different brushes for the different shades.
  • To prevent over application and flaking of eyeshadow, always check the amount of eyeshadow that your brush has picked up. In case there is any excess, make sure that you tap it off. Remember that it is more difficult to remove excess eyeshadow once you have applied it.
  • It is always wise to prepare the eyelid by applying foundation and concealer before the eyeshadow. This step helps you achieve a smooth and very even application. It also goes a long way in neutralizing the blue and red coloration of the eyelid, especially for fair-skinned people.
  • The easiest way to make the color of your eyes pop is choosing a contrasting color of eyeshadow in a very soft tone and applying it to the lids. If you have blue eyes, peach and cantaloupe eyeshadow hues will make them pop. On the other hand, if you have green eyes, light caramel and bronze eyeshadow will work best. Hazel eyes pop the most when you apply chestnut and golden brown shades. For people with brown eyes, all neutral tones make the eyes pop.

These are some of the tips that can help you to always get it right when it comes to eyeshadow application. The things that you need to keep remembering include the fact that as long as you have great products to start with, the process will be simpler. In addition to that, always make sure that you test products before you use them on your eyes. If your skin is hypersensitive, make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients used in making of the eye products. It is good to test a little amount of a new eyeshadow on a hidden part of the skin at least 24hours before you use it. If there is no reaction, you can safely apply the eyeshadow. However, it is also good to know that quality eye beauty products are always well tested before they are approved to be used by the general population. Get more tips on how to apply eyeshadow from experienced beauticians.

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