How To Make Your Hair Thicker?

Do you love thick, long hair? Nowadays people with thin hair would often go for hair extensions and hair transplant treatments to gain thicker and beautiful hair. But here, I would like to tell you some natural remedies to make your hair thicker and longer. Read on and find out how to make your hair thicker naturally.

How To Make Your Hair Thicker?

How To Make Your Hair Thicker?
There are many methods which you can practice to get a better and stronger hair. But the natural home remedies are the most effective ones. Only fact is that, you need to do it regularly without any fail.

  • Change the way in which you wash your hair: Do you wash your hair daily? Do you even wash your hair two times daily? If yes, then it is high that you need to stop this habit. By washing your hair regularly, it will lose the natural oil produced by the scalp, and this will make hair tender and easily breakable. It is always better if you wash your hair three or four times a week. This is the healthier routine to be followed if you wish for a longer and thicker hair. First when you switch to this routine, it will make your hair look oily within a day. But later that issue will be resolved. Always remember that you wash your hair using cold water. Hot water is never good for hair. It can easily break the hair and makes it look thinner very soon. It can make the hair dry too. If you wash your hair using cold water, then it will lie flat and smooth.
  • Dry your hair carefully: Never ball your hair up tightly after the bath. Many of the people follow this habit. This can lead to hair breakage. If you wish for a thick hair, then you need gently to pat your hair with the bath towel and let it remain open. Allow the hair for air-drying. Natural way of hair drying is always advisable as it is easy, free and brings good results.
  • Brushing the hair: You should always know the apt time to brush your hair. Never brush your hair when it is wet. It will break your hair thin out very easily. Use a wide-tooth comb for combing your hair. Hair is less fragile when it is dry, so better comb it only when it is dry.
  • Never use hair styling tools quite often: You blow dry your hair every day? Everyone likes to have a glossy and sleek hairstyle every day. But it’s not advisable to use it regularly. It can easily thin out your hair. You would probably pull on the roots of the hair and makes it brittle. Use these heat styling tools for special occasions. This can help your hair to grow thicker and longer.
  • Always use branded products which enhance hair growth: Whatever hair products you use, it should be branded. It can be shampoos, hair serum, hair gel or hair color. But make sure that it is been born from a well-known cosmetic company. When you chose your shampoo, look for those which helps in hair growth. Always read the ingredients of the product you buy. For thicker hair, chemicals are not good. They can easily harness the growth of hair by making it brittle. Laureth sulfates and Sodium Laurel are present in many of the shampoos. It is a cleaning agent which can be seen in dish wash detergents too.
  • Buy products that enhance hair growth: Many hair styling products like shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents which help in the hair growth. Buy natural products or look out for the ingredients present in it before buying it. Check if it contains aloe, castor oil, avocado oil or growth factors present in it. These elements are very good for obtaining thick and healthier hair.
  • Consume food that helps for hair growth: A change in your lifestyle can really help you in getting thick hair. Add some nutritious food to your diet. Take plenty of protein rich food like chicken, fish, legumes, etc. Nuts, avocados, and almond contain omega-3 fatty acid which is an essential element for hair growth. When it comes to nourishing your hair, Vitamin B plays a vital role. For that you need to take a lot of vegetables and fruits. Seafood and Soybean are rich in biotin which can also help for getting thicker and longer hair.
  • Keep your hair covered from outside damage: When you spend a lot of time under the sun or go out for a swimming, it is always better to cover your hair in a way that it’s protected from outside damages. If you are exposed to sun for a longer time, then it gets dried and brittle. This can easily break your hair too. When you go out in sun, remember that you carry an umbrella or wear a hat. Wearing a swim cap can also prevent your hair from getting brittle because of the chlorine content in the water.
  • Regular trimming of hair: It is always good if you trim your hair on time so that it won’t get damaged of split ends. It can even make your hair appear thicker and stronger. If you do trim on time, then your hair will become healthier from root till the tip of it.
  • Always be relaxed: Too much stress or strain can cause hair fall and damage. Make yourself calm and composed. Then you will find that gradually your hair starts growing. For that, you need to follow some life routine activities. Get regular exercises to make your body healthy. Meditation is the best relief for all kinds of stress. Make it a practice to meditate every day in the morning so that you can start your day with a fresh new beginning. Try to get plenty of sleep for a healthy body. Healthy body should have a healthy mind. So it is very important that you take care of your body and soul for a thicker and healthier hair.

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  1. Shavkat

    It depends on how hehltay you are. Typically hair grows about a 1/2 inch every month which is pretty fast, but if your malnurished and don’t eat protein or take multivitamins with biotin it may grow slower. I wish you luck. There are multivitamins specifically for hair and nail growth in the drugstore or just try prenatal vitamins. It can’t hurt. Take good care of your scalp too.


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