Remedies On How To Make Nails Stronger?

A nail can be best defined as an envelope made of keratin (tough protective protein) that are present covering the tips of fingers and toes in humans and other living beings. In some animals, nails are modified into claws that serve defensive and attacking purposes. In herbivores, it is present as horns and hooves. Usually, a nail is divided into three parts – the nail plate, nail matrix, nail bed below the matrix and the surrounding parts are called grooves. In this article on how to make nails stronger – information will be given on the health care, tips and effect of nutrition on this body part.

How To Get Stronger Nails?

how to make nails stronger

Health and care

Care for nails should be regular, and it is necessary to trim them once a week. If the nails are purple or bluish, then the symptom will be peripheral cyanosis, indication of lack of oxygen. The extra body part can also suffer from dryness and the other health problems are peeling, breaking and infection. Infections in or between the toes can be caused due to dirty socks and tight foot wear. The common disease causing organisms are moulds and yeasts. The infections may also be caused due to the same socks or nail tools used by different individuals.

Effect of nutrition

Vitamin A is one of the vital micro-nutrients that are needed for reproduction, tissue and cell differentiation, vision and immunity. Vitamin D and calcium usually work together in clotting of blood and muscle contractions. Brittleness and dryness in nails can be caused by lack of Vitamins A, D or calcium.

Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause darkness in nails, and curved ends in nails. It is very essential to have a balanced diet not only to have good nails but for total strength in every part of the human body.

Have a protein containing item added in every meal. The best sources are fish, meat and eggs – the other ones are beans, tofu and legumes. The other alternatives are to have protein shakes or to have protein powder added to a glass of water or milk.

How To Strengthen Your Nails?

If your nails get easily broken and have become brittle, then you have to change some every day habits.  You have to treat the nails gently and have a proper diet plan in place. With a few tricks given in this article you can see the nails grow stronger in a short period.


Experts advise on the trimming of nails regularly because if you let them grow longer, they can get rough and broken. The nails are just like the hair – improper care will make them brittle. It is advisable to trim the nails with either nail scissors or nail clippers. They should not be sharp. The trimming should not be too short or else you will be prone to infections.

You should not file the wrong way as the fibers in nails can get damaged.  You can make use of an emery board and run the file in one particular direction to avoid doing the habit of back and forth. Trimming the cuticles also needs caution. You can soak the nails in warm water for about ten minutes and the positive effects are best seen when a little oil is added to the mixture. Do not press the cuticles too hard as they might suffer damage.

Oil Or Lotion

In case of dryness, you can use lotion or oil to hydrate and strengthen them. You can put the lotion after making use of the shower. Before you go to sleep, cover the nails with lotion so that they get hydrated by morning. Some of the hydrating products which you can use are – Chia gel, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, aloe and cocoa butter.

Nail Strengthener

This product can be used to form a hard shield protection for the nails. Some of these products have to be applied weekly while some require to be applied once in a month.


If you are applying coats of polish to the nails, kindly understand chemicals can do harm. Ensure you go to a salon that indulges in hygiene practices.

The nails should be left to themselves at least once in three months. Have a properly balanced diet and you can see the effects of darkness go from the nails as they grow longer.

Biting the Nails

The biting habit can leave the nail tattered or shredded and the next step is infection. Biting the nails will make them weak. You can make use of tea tree oils for preventing this habit. The strong odor and taste from the oil will prevent you not getting access to the nails, and the oil is also known for its healing properties.

There are other alternatives to stop biting the nails but they can have chemicals that can make the area, suffer harm. Also, when you wash the dishes or clean the bathroom in your bare hands, the harsh detergents in the soap and household cleaners can be hard on the skin. It is advisable you wear a pair of nonporous rubber gloves when you work with chemicals. You can try natural products to clean the dishes such as vinegar or lemon juice and other natural substances that can do the same work without the nails getting hurt. Avoid using hot water on the nails. They will get soft and in due course of time, ripping and tearing will happen. You can use warm water and soap instead.

Importance Of Nails

A nail performs many functions such as protection of the finger tips (and toe tips) and various soft tissues found in areas surrounding the tip. These tissues are delicate and it will be very hard to protect them from insignificant injuries. The nail helps to pick things in a strong grip. They are also best used for scratching the body areas when there are itches and irritation.

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