Simple Home Remedies: How To Make A Sugar Scrub?

A body scrub can be best defined as a concoction that can be used to eliminate dead skin cells by the process of scrubbing from the body. The process can exfoliate and hydrate the skin – the benefits – the outer part of the body becomes smooth and soft. The scrub lotion can be either a suspension of coarse granules such as sea salt, walnut or apricot or gel (example moisturizing lotion). If you are looking at the home remedy options, body scrubbing is done via an abrasive material such as sugar, salt, rice bran in mixture with oil (massage or aromatic essential oils). Kindly remember, this is a treatment process and not a massage. A human body possesses the tendency to replace the skin cells every twenty-eight days depending on the health and environmental conditions. Just think – getting rid of dead cells can give a healthier skin. In this article on how to make a sugar scrub information will be given on the preparation of one from the home kitchen’s natural resources and the benefits.

The removal of cells is done from the skin’s surface (outermost), and the process has been used for years throughout the history of mankind. It is just that the contents have changed, but the process has remained the same. In recent times, the process is used in all facial centers, during chemical peels or microdermabrasion in medical spas. The process can be achieved by either mechanical or physical means.

How To Make Sugar Scrub?

how to make a sugar scrub for face

Home Remedy

Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation, and they are considered safe in place of salt scrubs or beaded scrubs. Sugar has components such as glycolic acid that can loosen the dirty, dead dry skin cells and assists in the process of removal from the skin. There are also scrub related compounds, but they can cause irritation or scratches. Sugar is preferred, as they can unclog pores on the skin and can also peel off dead skin from ailments such as eczema.

Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

A small container is needed for mixing and keeping the sugar scrub – it is advisable that the container has a lid in place to prevent ants and other insects from getting attracted to the liquid. Ensure you have the container for two to three days. The scrub will make more than three-fourths of the container, so, select the right size.

Take four tablespoons of olive oil into the container. If you want to provide good health for your skin, the best alternative would be to have the Vitamin E oil. However, remember, you have to let the oil soak in the skin after doing the massaging part. Then you can rinse the mixture off.

You can add some honey (two tablespoons of thick honey). You can also add half a cup of sugar (neither the raw type nor the white sugar) but select the brown one. You can stir the mixture with all the ingredients – incase of loose mixture, try adding more sugar. The reverse, if the mixture is dry, add a spoon of oil. Store the completed product on a safe place in the kitchen. You do not want the kids to sip the mixture and fall ill, do you? Do not store in the fridge or it will turn hard.

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

The same process will be repeated but with different contents. Select the container appropriate for the mixture. You can make two and a half cup of scrub, so select a container that is big or else, have small containers in place so that you can divide the mixture.

You can take four tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of honey and add half cup of brown sugar. Have patience and stir the contents till they become a mixture. You can add more sugar in case of liquid, or add oil in case of dryness.

Lavender Sugar Scrub

You can select the best container in the kitchen to keep the lavender sugar scrub. You can pour three tablespoons of Johnson and Johnson Lavender baby oil or another in the container. You also have another option of using a hammer or any object to crush the lavender and place it in the bowl. Select brown sugar and stir the mixture. You have to keep the container safe in the kitchen away from an animal pet or the children hands. Ensure that the container has a lid.

The best containers can be either a Mason jar or empty peanut butter jars.

How to Make a Simple Sugar Scrub For Face From The Kitchen?

Cleansing Cream and Sugar Scrub

Wash the face completely. You can make use of water and splash it on your face and then use a gentle hand cloth to scrub the dirt off. Use facial soap that is best for your type of skin. You can take a cleansing cream in your hand and then put two teaspoons of sugar. You can mix the contents making use of both hands to create a paste (Sugar can be fine grained sugar or select the turbinado sugar). The larger the grain, more will be the process of exfoliation.

You want to continue the process in the future, mix the same contents in a bowl, but ensure that the mixture is kept in a jar with lids.

You can apply the mixture on the face in slow circular motions. Ensure you pay attention to the nose and dry spots but be careful on the eye areas. After completing the process, use water to flush the mixture. You can lean in the sink and start removal of scrub on the face. Use a gentle wash cloth to pat dry the area. The pores will be closed and you will get a fresh look.

Green Tea, Sugar and Honey Scrub

Green tea is most preferred as it has anti-aging effects – it can reduce wrinkles, repairs scar tissue and cures blemishes. The best way is to use loose green tea and a tea strainer or ball instead of using green tea.

The process can be started with pouring two tablespoons of brewed tea in a bowl and allow it to cool. A tablespoon of sugar can be added till the mixture converts into a gritty mixture to start the process. You can also add a tablespoon of honey (because of its antibacterial and moisturizing properties). Store the mixture in a dry and cool place. The mixture can last for several weeks.

You can put the scrub to the freshly washed face, concentrate on the dry areas. You can clean the face by splashing water on the face and use a gentle towel to pat dry.

Toothpaste and Salt Scrub

This can be considered the best treatment for acne and dead skin. You can take one tablespoon of toothpaste (squeezed) and have one teaspoon of table salt. You can mix the two together and apply to the skin in circular motions. Leave the mixture on the face for ten minutes. You can rinse the face with warm water. After few minutes use cold water to splash the face that will make the pores closed. Pat drying the face with a dry gentle towel will give you relief.

Naturally made sugar scrubs are free from allergy, risks or any side effects. Enjoy the clean, soft and glow skin on your face for a lifetime.

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    I love making hoeadmme scrubs, I find they are so much more effective than some of the commercial ones + they don;t have all those nasty chemicals!


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