How Often Can You Dye Your Hair?

Many people think about their hair a lot and ask some of the most interesting questions. You need to take care of some important things before you rush out to purchase some boxes of your favorite hair dye. The basic question about which the ladies get worried the most is how often can you dye your hair? The answer of this will help you in taking your decisions in the most effective way.

How Often Can You Color Your Hair?

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair?

How Often Can You Color Your Hair:

Between the applications of your hair, you need to wait for almost 2 weeks to protect your hair from getting damaged. There are many other factors like:

  1. The kind of treatment you are using whether it is a semi permanent or permanent hair color.
  2. The percentage or amount of hair color you have.
  3. Dyed ton intensity.

These were some of the factors which will help you in making the right the decision about your hair color. If we think about it in a general sense then hair color is applied by the people after every four to six weeks.

Now the question arises that is it safe for a pregnant woman to color her hair? So, there are some reports which say that it is safe to dye your hair at the time of pregnancy. According to OTIS which gives information about the possible reproductive risks, says that there is no danger in using the hair dye during pregnancy and it will not cause any kind of changes in human pregnancies.

It also states that very small amount of hair chemical gets absorbed in your system which will not create any harm. If you are still worried about it, wait until your second trimester and then start using the hair dye. You can also consider highlighting, streaking, frosting and painting your hair as in this there will be no contact with chemicals in your scalp.

Let’s talk about some of the myths about hair dye. These are:

Myth 1:

People think that only colored hair is prone to damage and split ends which are not true. Coloring your hair can make your hair dry if you are not using those products which conditions properly but color’s are not the only perpetrator. Heated styling tools like curling iron, blow dryer and straightening iron may also damage your hair. Even UV rays are responsible to make your hair dry and cause split ends. So, protect your hair from harmful rays and styling products.

Myth 2:

It is a myth that color treated hair products gives no benefit to your hair. We all know that dyed hair requires a special kind of attention and hair color treated products helps in fading the damage. This damage is generally caused by water and UV rays. You must have noticed that whenever you wash your hair some amount of hair goes off. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to apply some color preserving conditioner and shampoo which helps in locking in color and maintain it for a longer period of time.

Myth 3:

Make sure you do not dye your eyebrows as some people believe that you need to dye the eyebrows to match the hair color. It is not true and it will look bad. If you need to lighten up your eyebrows a bit you can use the natural method. Simply use a powder or a brow pencil which is one shade lighter than your hair color. It will give the best effect to your brows.

Myth 4:

Ladies believe and trust salons more than ourselves that is why they think that only salons can cover your gray hair effectively. It is  not at all true in today’s world. Now there are so many effective formulas that are coming in the market. They are inexpensive and also easy to use. You just need to separate your hair into sections and make a bun of each section. Apply dye onto the roots. The process is simple and time-consuming.

Myth 5:

You must be thinking that it not possible to get back your shiny hair if you have dry hair. This is not true and it is very much possible now. Use that shampoo and conditioner which is basically formulated for damaged and dry hair. Do not forget to apply conditioner and serum on the damp hair. A good quality product will also help you in protecting your hair from the heat caused by styling products. To see the effective results soon, pamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment just before the shower.

If you want to protect your hair from damaging you need to take care of some things. Some common mistakes which you might be making and you should stop to protect your hair. Like:

  1. Over Relaxing Hair: If you have over relaxed hair make sure you use masks, conditioners and protein treatments to get the strength of your hair back. Do not forget to relax only new grown hair otherwise it may lead to breakage and damage. You can also visit a hairdresser for the relaxers.
  2. Cutting Bangs: Make sure you do not cut your bangs by yourself as it might look ugly. It may lead to some funny haircut. You should always cut your hair vertically and not horizontally. To be on the safe side visit a hairdresser for the perfect look.
  3. Over Washing: You should stop over washing your hair if you do so. Do not wash your hair daily as it damages your hair more and makes them weak.

So, these were some points which you should be aware of. Now you know how often can you dye your hair? And also some of the myths which are wrong about your hair. Keep all these points in mind and take good care of your hair.

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