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Hair loss has become a very common problem in the recent years. Many people regard hair as an asset that is important in enhancing an individual’s physical appearance. However, hair is also vulnerable and the effects of thinning and balding can have a great impact on an individual’s appearance. Hair thinning, in particular is a kind of problem that should be addressed as soon as it is witnessed. Failure to do so can result into excessive thinning of the hair and eventually leading to ultimate hair loss. If you are a victim of thin hair, you must be wondering how to make hair thicker. Although it may sound difficult, the truth is that you might not be compelled to go for any chemicals.

how to make hair thicker

Going the natural way can see your hair regain its thickness for more glamor and beauty. Hair thinning can be something hereditary. However, it would be wrong to overlook the fact that hair thinning can also be brought about by other factors such as use of harsh chemicals, pollution, poor nutrition and poor hair care. Although some of the recommended solutions on how to make hair thick may appear difficult, there are easy and natural ways to improve the thickness of your hair. If you are experiencing thin hair, you need not to spend so much cash on expensive products and treatments. There is an array of natural remedies that can help you gain thick and voluminous hair. Read Through this article for an insight on some of the best ways to make hair thicker.

1. Eggs

If you are to enjoy stronger and thicker hair, then it is important for you to have a regular protein treatment. If you are looking for protein hair treatment, then you should know that eggs are the best ingredients. Below are two options that you can go for.

a. Depending on the length of your hair, take one or two eggs and beat them properly. Apply the beaten egg on wet hair and let is settle for a period of thirty minutes. After that, clean your hair with some shampoo and lukewarm water. Having done that, you will have made a stride in acquiring thicker hair. This is a protein treatment that you can use once or twice in a week.

b. The other option you can go for is mixing one egg yolk, a tablespoon of your favorite hair option and two tablespoons of water. Once you have formed your mixture, use it to massage the scalp thoroughly. This remedy can be used once a week and you will enjoy thicker hair.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an important ingredient when it comes to making your hair thicker. In addition to making hair thick, it helps to strengthen and soften your tissues. Here are two options that you can use.

a. Massage the scalp and hair with some warm olive oil and leave it for thirty to forty five minutes. After that, rinse the hair thoroughly and wash your hair with some mild shampoo. Alternatively, you can leave the olive oil on your hair for the night and shampoo it on the next morning.

b. The second option is mixing olive oil with honey. After mixing both, apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it to sit on your hair for thirty minutes after which you should clean your hair thoroughly.
Either of these remedies can be used once or two times a week for thicker hair.

3. Avocado

Though a fruit, avocado should be an important asset for people wondering how to make hair thicker. The reason behind this is that this is a fruit that moisturizes the hair. In addition, it gives thin hair some body. Another important aspect about avocado is that the vitamin E present has a major contribution to the hair shaft’s overall health. Here are two options that you can go for.

a. Prepare a mixture of one mashed banana, one mashed avocado and a tablespoon of olive oil. Massage the mixture on your scalp and leave it on the hair for a minimum of thirty minutes so that there is proper absorption of nutrients into the scalp. After that, you can comfortably rinse your hair or shampoo it with the assurance of some thick hair to come.

b. It is also possible for you to prepare a hydrated hair mask. This can be done by mixing two spoons of wheat germ oil with a mashed avocado. This hair mask should then be applied on some freshly shampooed hair and allowed to rest on it for a minimum of twenty minutes. After that, you should thoroughly rinse the hair and shampoo it.

Either of these avocado treatments can be used once in a week.

4. Castor Oil

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get thicker hair naturally is by regularly massaging the scalp with some cold-pressed castor oil. Castor oil is highly viscous and this helps to coat the hair properly thus protecting it against fall. In addition, castor oil is vitamin E rich which promotes proper hair growth. Here is how to go about it.

a. First you should heat a mixture of equal volumes of coconut oil and castor oil. Using castor oil alone is ideal but the only problem is that it is too thick, hence the need for some coconut oil.

b. Apply the mixture on your scalp and massage it in circular motions.

c. Comb the hair to distribute the oil through the hair and eliminate tangles.

d. Cover the hair with a small towel moistened with some warm water.

e. Leave everything intact for about an hour and after that shampoo the hair.

f. Follow this treatment once a week for you to enjoy some thick and lustrous hair.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another popular ingredient that be used by people wondering how to make hair thicker. The reason behind this is due to its moisturizing capability and quality. In addition, it helps in restoring the scalp’s pH balance. Below are some of the options you can go for.

a. Extract the Aloe Vera gel from one or two leaves of the plant and rub it gently on your scalp. Give it a period of thirty minutes to sit. After that, you can go ahead and rinse the hair with some lukewarm water. This can be done once or two times in a week and on regular basis.

b. The second option is to fresh Aloe Vera gel with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off. After that, you can shampoo the hair. You can repeat this treatment one or two times a week.

c. Another alternative can be consuming a teaspoon of Aloe Vera juice every day on an empty stomach. Through this, you are going to enjoy better hair growth and health in general.

6. Henna Leaves

Another relatively easy way for you to get thick hair naturally can be by applying henna. Henna leaves give the hair some rich natural color. In addition, they also make it softer, thicker and less susceptible to breakage. Here are some two options you can go for.

a. Grind a bunch of fresh henna leaves with some little water to make some fine paste. Allow it to settle for two hours after which you can apply it onto your hair. Have your hair covered with a shower cap. After some few hours, you can go ahead and wash your hair and shampoo it.

b. Another alternative can be mixing enough water in some henna powder to form a paste that has a yoghurt-like consistency. Green tea can also be used instead of plain water for better conditioning. The henna paste should be left alone for a whole night. The next morning, add a raw egg and two tablespoons of lemon juice to the paste. Apply the paste on your hair and leave it to dry completely. After that, you can clean it off and shampoo the hair.

When using henna leaves, you should be sure to use gloves. In addition, a brush should be used to apply the paste. All this is to prevent staining.

7. Healthy Diet

If you are wondering how to make hair thicker, you must also focus on your diet. A diet that is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins is an important prerequisite for thicker and healthier hair. Vitamin B and proteins in particular are very important to promote longer and thicker hair. It is therefore important to have more eggs, milk, poultry, beans, fatty fish, legumes, nuts, fresh green vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. Greek yoghurt is also recommended owing to the fact that it is more protein rich compared to the regular yoghurt. If you follow these treatments religiously, you are surely going to note some tremendous improvements in the texture and thickness of your hair in just a few week.

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