Beauty Tips And Tricks For Your Face

We all want to look good and to be admired by others, but not all of us can afford to spend huge amounts of money on facial creams, serums or cosmetic treatments meant to preserve the beauty of our skin. Nonetheless, there is hope also for those who aren’t rich. You can improve the way you look by making use of various beauty tips and tricks. We are going to share a few of them in this article, below. Hopefully, you are going to put them to good use.

Beauty Tips and Tricks

Protect Yourself From Direct Sunlight

Sun is the biggest enemy of our skin. It determines its premature aging. If you spend a lot of time outdoor on a daily basis, you should always use a good UV protection product. Besides, you should also wear sun glasses and a hat to protect you from the damaging action of UV rays. If you like to get a nice tan in the summer, make sure you always apply a generous layer of moisturizing cream on your face.

Scrub Weekly

Our skin is in a continuous process of rejuvenation. Each and every day there are skin cells that die and new ones that are born. Scrubbing your face with a gentle product will help the elimination of the dead cells from the surface of the skin, unclogging the pores and giving your complexion a special shine. In order to obtain the best results, you need to choose your exfoliating product carefully, in accordance with your skin type.

Exfoliating masks can also be very useful in removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin. You can consider applying such a mask once a month in order to give your face freshness and a younger look.

Avoid Washing Your Face With Water

Even if you don’t wear any makeup, you should still use the makeup removal ritual in the evening, before going to bed. Apply first a makeup removal product, then a toner, and then a moisturizing cream. This is how you can easily remove all impurities your face collected throughout the day, thus avoiding the formation of blackheads. If you wash your face with water, you won’t get the same cleansing effect, as grease can only be removed with special products.

If you really need to put water on your face, make sure you test its hardness before. Hard water can damage your skin, causing premature aging, irritations and wrinkling.

Use Natural Oils

There’s no way we can stop the aging process, as it is part of our human nature. Nonetheless, we can delay a little its effects by taking care of our skin. Fine wrinkles can be wiped off almost completely if you make yourself a habit from applying a generous amount of natural oil on the area around your eyes and lips. You can use argan or coconut oil, but you can also apply cooking olive oil for obtaining the same effects. However, you have to make sure the olive oil is extra virgin and cold pressed, otherwise it is not so good for cosmetic purposes.

If you are afraid the oil is going to affect your vision, avoid applying it in the morning or during the day. By applying it at night, before going to bed, you won’t have to worry about not being able to fulfill your duties at work. Besides, you may not want your work buddies to see your face drowning in oil, so refrain from doing this kind of treatment around other people.

Be Gentle

If you notice blackheads or pimples on your face, you should never squeeze them to make them disappear. Squeezing the skin is too aggressive and may result in permanent scarring. If your blemishes bother you, it’s best to book a cleansing session with an expert cosmetician and have them removed in a professional manner and in a sterile environment.


Your facial skin is supported by lots of tiny muscles. Like any other muscle, they need exercise in order to maintain their elasticity and tone. There are special exercises that can help you improve the way your face looks by toning the muscles supporting the skin on your cheeks and around your lips. You can learn these exercises and make sure you do them several times a day, whenever you find a spare moment. It shouldn’t be too hard, as you can practice them while commuting to and from work or while doing various chores in your household.

Quit Smoking

Smoking kills, we all know this by now. Even when it doesn’t kill us, it has a tremendous potential of making us ugly. Smoking makes the skin get a grayish look and it promotes the premature aging of the cells. This happens because when you smoke, your lungs get less oxygen than usually, thus sending less of it to the cells at the extremities of your body. Cells that aren’t properly nourished age faster and die sooner than those that receive their needed dose of oxygen and essential nutrients.

Facial Massage

Massage can help the tiny muscles that support our skin and our capillaries to get tones and perform their support functions more effectively. Additionally, by massaging these muscles, we help activating the lymphatic system, improving the lymph circulation in the skin. The lymphatic system is responsible with collecting and carrying away the residues produced by the cells. If the lymph doesn’t move, these residues don’t get eliminated, thus leading to various problems such as edemas, premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

If you aren’t sure what type of skin you have, you can schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or with a cosmetician in order to determine the best skin care routine and products you should use on your face. Such experts have professional diagnosis tools, so they can determine your problems and your complexion type more accurately than you’d be ever able to do it. After that, you can apply their advice, and combine it with the tips and tricks above.

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