7 Makeup Tips For Men You Can Use Today

If you are a guy that would like to learn how to apply makeup to improve your overall appearance, this is something that you can easily learn to do. This has become more popular in recent years, and there are actually entire lines of cosmetics that are designed just for men. The techniques that are used with the different types of makeup are similar to how women apply makeup every day. This article will address seven makeup tips for men that can help any guy look is best with simple cosmetics that you can purchase at a local store, or order online.

makeup tips for men

makeup tips for men

Makeup For Men Is On The Rise

It has been about a decade or so since major cosmetic retailers began to really promote makeup for men. This is a trend that has increased exponentially, creating an independent multibillion-dollar industry, one that is in competition with women’s makeup. Although this was not always the case, due to certain societal changes and a general acceptance of this practice, it has now become a very viable business that produces some of the best cosmetics in the world that can help guys look their best. Here are a few of the best makeup tips for men that can help you get started right away.

Concealing Under Eye Circles

This is a strategy that many men were probably doing long before cosmetics for men became as popular as they have become. If you are constantly working at a job that doesn’t allow you to sleep very much, you will inevitably develop bags underneath your eyes. Some people have actually recommended using products like hemorrhoid cream in order to make the dark spots go away. However, you can also use certain brands of concealer, and with a little bit of blending, it can cover up any dark circles that you have, along with the redness that typically accompanies this type of cosmetic problem.

Increasing The Thickness Of Your Beard

If you want to make your beard appear thicker than it actually is, there are cosmetic solutions that can help with this as well. This is, again, something that was probably done before male cosmetics became so popular, and it is still done today. It will only take about three minutes in order to achieve this. It is done by using eyebrow cake power. By using a brush, it is simply applied over the beard, and just like mascara, it can increase the length and thickness of the beard, at least by appearance.

Contouring Your Face

When you do highlighting or contouring, you are basically enhancing certain features on your face that are the most prominent. If you do not have defined cheekbones, by doing a little contouring, you can make them stand out so much more. You can even give yourself the illusion of having a much thinner nose, but you have to be careful when using this particular procedure. You could actually end up looking worse if it is not done correctly, and then you will have to wash up and start all over again. This is done by applying a type of rouge on your cheeks, and a touch of powder, that will match the complexion of your skin. It needs to be just slightly darker to accentuate the outer edges of your cheekbones, making it look as natural as possible. If you do decide to do this with your nose, this takes a little bit more time and it depends on its size and shape. Either way, both of these strategies can actually change the way that your face appears to people walking by, helping you look your absolute best.

Eyebrow Shaping

There are many people that look better with thick eyebrows, especially guys, but it still a good idea to trim them from time to time. This is usually done with a pair of tweezers, but you can go a step further and use what is called brow pencil and gel. You can actually shape your eyebrows perfectly, making sure that they conform with the shape of your eyes, and also aligning perfectly with your hairline and forehead. This will create a much more balanced appearance to your face.

The Ever Popular Guyliner

Guyliner is probably the most noticeable aspect of doing makeup on a guy. If you have watched any movies with pirates, and you have seen the actors later on, you can tell that guyliner was definitely used because it accentuated not only their eyes, but all of the characteristics of their face. This is applied in the same way that eyeliner is applied, making sure that you do not have too much, and that you are running as close as possible to your bottom eyelashes. You need to go straight across, not coming all the way to the tear duct, creating the most optimal effect. It is also necessary to use eye shadow and mascara to complete the effect, although guyliner by itself will make noticeable changes. It is something that people will definitely notice, and can literally cause people to not recognize you when you are without it.

Additional Makeup Tips For Men

There are a few other things to consider if you start to wear makeup regularly, and it has to do with the condition of your skin. If you have never used makeup before, you may not understand how foundation can clog the pores of your face which could lead to consistent breakouts. You might find yourself wearing makeup just to cover up the acne that occurs because you are not properly cleaning your face. It is necessary to use an astringent, and also some type of cleanser that can really get into your pores. You also have to use it sparingly because by removing the excess sebum from the hair follicles on a regular basis, the sebaceous glands could begin to overcompensate, leading to an even worse acne problem it is recommended that you clean your face no more than twice a day, and use natural and gentle cleansers of possible. You should also exfoliate every couple days to make sure that excess dead skin cells are removed which can also lead to an acne problem. If you get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis, your skin will become conditioned to not only the extra cleansing, but also the foundation that you will be using regularly. However, if all you are using is mascara, guyliner and eyeshadow on your eyes, but nothing on your face, this will not be a problem.

It is recommended that you talk to someone about applying makeup if you have never done it before, looking at all of the options that are available. They can give you tips on what will work best for you in terms of products and the color of certain items. This is a very new industry, one that is expanding every single year, bringing new products that are much more gentle on the face and providing a great deal of variety. If you are a guy that would like to start wearing makeup, these makeup tips for men should help you get started in the right direction.

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