10 Steps On How To Do Pedicure At Home?

Feet remain exposed whole day. As a result, feet become dirty, rough and dull. Moreover, other factors affecting your feet are dust, improper footwear and dry air. Healthy feet signify a well-groomed person. Feet require attention regularly at least once in a week. Going to a salon every time for a pedicure may be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, if you know how to do pedicure at home will be helpful to take care of your feet all the time. So, for all the beautiful ladies conscious about your feet, here are few tips on how to do a pedicure at home. Further, you can also have a customized pedicure kit.

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How To Do Pedicure At Home?

How To Do Pedicure At Home

Things You Need

A bath soak (if not available use foot soak prepared in the ratio of 5:1 water and milk), a tub of warm water, olive oil or a cuticle softener, pumice stone, foot scrub or face scrub, heavy body cream or foot cream. Nail scrubber or old toothbrush and nail polish.


  • Place the tub of lukewarm water in a comfortable space so that you can rest while soaking your feet.
  • On beforehand clean your nail polish if any leftover and wash the feet with cold water. Put foot soak in the water. Stir the water gently to get bubbles. You can use body wash or shampoo if you do not have any foot soak or milk.
  • Place the feet in the tub with ankles drowned in water. Allow your feet to get softened while you can sit back and relax. Do this when you have good 40 to 45 minutes in hand. You can just take a nap or catch up some favorite TV show or read a good book that makes you feel relaxed. When you feel the water temperature is reduced and is about room temperature you can take off your feet.

Note: You can get foot soak from the market or you can prepare one at home.

Step 2:

  • Now you can place the feet on a towel and dry the feet. Put some cuticle softener on all the nails at the root. You can also use olive oil if you do not have cuticle softener. In the case of olive oil, you can use a drop of it. The cuticles will be softened allowing you to shape it as per your choice or cut.

Step 3:

If your nails are dry and hard, now you can cut and shape them. Soaking your feet for a long would have softened it. Do not cut the nail too short, keep them long to cover the skin below the nail. Use a file to shape the nails. Cutting nails too short may lead to ingrown nails.

Shaping The Nails

The size of the nails depends on your lifestyle. If you want to keep your nails short then decide on the shape you like. Having square tip is fashionable. However, if you have short fingers, squared tip will make your fingers look shorter. You can go for a rounded tip; this makes your fingers look long.

Step 4:

Now it is time to remove the cuticle, as it is been more than 5 minutes after applying. You can remove using a tissue or cotton ball. Cutting or nipping the cuticles may be hazardous for the first timers. The best way to remove is to push the cuticles back. The cuticle pusher is available in the market in different sizes and shapes. Use the blunt or slant side of the pusher to push back the cuticle gently.

Step 5:

Once you push back the cuticle, go on to scrub the feet. Use pumice stone to scrub gently. After soaking, feet are soft and you can easily remove the dead skin. If the skin on the feet is hard, you can apply a little pressure to remove the dead skin. If you have any corn or calluses, use corn cutter to remove the corns. Be careful while cutting the corns, you may hurt yourself. Using a scraper to scrap off the dead skin is also optional. New users may go wrong in using these devices. This is one of the crucial steps of a pedicure.

Step 6:

To scrub the nails, you can use nail scrubber or old brush. Gently push the bristles of the brush over the nails. You can also brush underneath the nails. Scrub under the toes, in between the toes and balls of the feet. This step is important to get right results.

Step 7:

Use foot or face scrub, gently apply it up to the ankles. Use the scrub in large amounts; apply all over the feet, if you have more dead cells near the ankle apply more here. Apply in clockwise and anticlockwise movements with a constant pressure. You can use face scrub that you feel harsh on your face. Natural foot scrubs using lemon or brown sugar can be prepared at home.

Step 8:

Soon after scrubbing, massage the feet using foot oil or cream. You will feel better if you get it done by someone. After some time, wash your feet.

Step 9:

After your foot is dry, apply any heavy cream or foot cream. If you have cracks, use formulated cream. Massage your foot using this cream for a while (leaving nails). If you apply on to the nails by chance, then remove it using a cotton ball or tissue. Now leave it for some time to get to the feet.

Step 10:

This is the most attractive steps of all. Now it is time to beautify your nails. Apply your favorite nail paint. Before applying the nail paint, apply base coat allow it to dry. After the base coat, apply the nail paint, once it gets dried, apply another coat for a rich look. If you have done the whole session during the night, you can wear cotton socks whole night to keep your feet moist.

Tips For Better Results

  • You can use the pumice stone, twice a week for a softer and smooth skin.
  • Keep the nails free from polish in between.
  • In case of fungus or any other nail diseases consult your doctor.

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